One month, gone

In the proverbial blink of an eye, we are at the last day of the first month in 2018. How was your first month of 2018? Has it been fun? Has it been fulfilling? Has it been meaningful?

January 2018 whirled past me so fast I don’t quite remember what happened. Still, I can count my blessings. Read more…

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I got a court subpoena

or so I was told.

I got a call yesterday. There was no caller ID. A recorded message in Malay told me I had a subpoena from the Jitra Majistrate Court taking effect “today” (i.e. yesterday.) After that, a man continue the call and asked me how he could help. Read more…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Malaysian Telco Pre-order offerings

This is just for reference. Please check with the individual telco to verify the information. Thank you.



中学时读过朱自清的背影。 Read more…

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I have played this scene many times in my mind, mostly when Ben and I are walking in the park. Ben and I suddenly found ourselves surrounded by dogs. Many dogs. Ben, being the fearless protector of his dad would bark. All the dogs would bark and moved closer. The house was too far away. Ben and I would not make it. I dragged him up the slide in the playground. And there, I defended ourselves from the dogs. Read more…

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LEAD2016 – Plenary Sessions Notes

Hi. For your convenience, here’s a post with all the notes.

These notes were compiled by the DUMC Writing Team. We know we do not do justice to the speakers. If you want to buy the DVD that contains both the video and audio for RM80, please contact the Burning Bush Bookshop in the Dream Centre.

God bless. Hope to see you next year in LEAD2017.

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LEAD2016 – Day 3 Session 2 – the Leader that Follows

Pastor Joseph Bonifacio

This is like an oxymoron. Why should the leader follow? The culture tells us the leader leads. To follow is weak. Do we have strong leadership that splits and that grows the church but at the same time is diminishing the church? Or do we have a weak leadership that stays together? Read more…