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Thoughts on Bersih 3.0

It’s 0110, Monday (30/04/2012).

I am rather sleepy. Jesse just got a new hard disk and I let him do his things.

I originally planned to write something when I reached home on Saturday. Then I read about so many stories I decided I have nothing much to add. Friend, Stan said it very well. Read about it here.

My very small 0428 album can be found here.

I am very humbled by the many (and I mean many) who turned up. We met one elderly Malay uncle who took a bus from Trengganu and reached KL at 0230. We saw many young people. Don’t ever say Malaysians are not peaceful people. I saw with my own eyes how multitudes of people clad in yellow and green sang Negaraku, sat on the ground and generally just be nice to one another.

Malaysians in 70+ cities all over the world also sat in solidarity. The raykat’s demands are very clear and very simple. It has been well documented. The 8 demands can be found here.

My greatest fear going to KL was not the tear gas or the water cannon. I was seriously worried about looking for toilet. With thousands of people and almost no shops opened, it can be a nightmare for a person with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I planned not to eat anything. Yet, when I led 2 young friends to KL, I could not help but took the famous beef noodles. I went there during my SPM. A number of us took a bus to KL (there was no LRT then) to take the beef noodles in between 2 SPM papers. It is that famous.

Thank God my stomach and bowel did not give any problems.

I am particularly encouraged by my friends who decided to be counted, including a mother of four, a beautiful girl, etc. I am also encouraged by a friend who reminded me one day my son would ask me what I did on that fateful day. I am very proud to be among the number.

My HTC Wildfire could not last. I took 70+ photos and about 10 video clips. I could not upload them later on as I could not connect to the internet. I could not even make calls. Signal jammers are suspected to have been used.

My group did not stay long. We were there since early in the morning. We were there when Ambiga arrived at Pasar Seni. We then camped near the Bar Council / HSBC. We were very close to the barrier. When we were told we would not push any further and that we could either stay or leave, we left. If we’d stay another 45 minutes, we’d get a water bath.

I am truly sorry for the fatality (one so far) and the injuries sustained during the rally. Bersih 3.0 participants were disciplined, considerate and peaceful. We didn’t deserve the high-handed way the authorities handled us.

The organizer reported a quarter million turned up. I don’t know the exact figure and I guess there is no way to really know. Regardless of the actual number, it was a HUGE crowd. These people came from all over Malaysia because of their love for their “tanah tumpahnya darahku,” They are patriots (not to be confused to those who wore red t-shirts during Bersih 2.0.)

I believe if we Malaysians keep this up, we can really say Malaysia Boleh! A change is needed. A change is demanded. A change will not be denied.

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