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APQ21C: God and the problem of pain

This is the first session of the Answering People’s Question in the 21st Century conference. The queue for registration is so long.

It’ll be a challenge for me to take notes using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. (It is! I miss so many good stuff.)

People don’t get into problem because of pain but because of pleasure.

Sometimes one statement, one book, one book can change or lives.

“in surrendering you win, in dying you live.”

The problem of pain is so thorny that many do not believe in God.

Job has become synonymous with pain and suffering. He lived a decent life. He just wanted to swallow once without pain.

Dr. Ravi suffered a serious injury 27 years ago. He wanted to maintain a clear mind and he didn’t want to get hooked into anything.the doctor described his 2nd surgery as stitching up wet tissue.

How can there be a god that allows ask the suffering a in the world.

When we say there’s such a thing as evil / bad, we must assume there is bad. When we say there is good or bad, we assume the is a moral law that distinguish between good and evil. Then there is a moral lawgiver.

Whenever the problem of evil is raised, it’s always a person or about a person. There’s intrinsic value in a person. The question of evil goes away when there is no god.

Job did not question God. He was asking why all the bad things were happening to him.

Dr. Ravi once had a professor who had 7 degrees, 3 of them doctorate. Nobody dared to say anything in his class. The professor changed the rule and gave marks for question they asked. The students paid so much attention to preparing their question a and did not prepare for the exam. One of then wrote so much. But the professor said all of what he wrote were not right. They were not even wrong. It did not even get the dignity of being wrong. Bildad was like that. He did not care for Job.

Suffering is a process. We need to find out the question we have.

Youth is what the young have but the old know how to use.

A woman told Dr. Ravi that after listening to him all day, her brain was like starting to grow blisters. Dr. Ravi said if he use his 2 hands to work with a hammer and screwdriver, his hands would grew blisters. If we don’t use somehing for a long time and we start using it, we will get blisters.

Whenever we deal with a hurt person, we need to connect to the heart. Otherwise, we’d answer the question but lose the questioner.it will just be cerebral.gT

Job had 3  questions after he was  visited by his 3 friends. Is there a point? Is there a mediator? Is there anything after this life?

God answered Job by asking him 64 questions. When we ask the questioner, we open up the questioner to his own assumption.

IBM built Watson that beat humans in Jeopardy. Imagine the computer says it doesn’t believe that human exists?

G.K. Chesterton said God is like the sun. We can’t look at it but we all need it.

We don’t look at a newborn baby and exclaim how great the gravity is.

Dr. Ravi attempted suicide when he was 17. Someone read to him John. He asked God to raise him up from the hospital bed and he would leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of truth.

We will never know how to love until we know the One who loves us first.

Suffering ultimate comes when something is lost or broken. We cannot define evil until we know life. We cannot know the redeemer until we know what we needed to be redeemed from.

People need a Savior. He went to the Cross for us. The Savior is not found in any other holy books.

Charles Cooper, speaking about the unexpected death of his bride-to-be, “I need to put my trust in the character of God.”

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