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APQ21C – Q&A

Q: We all know there are benefits in pain. To what extend should we handle pain?

A: There is an intellectual side to it (cf. Rom 8:28). During trial, it is grievous. After that, we will have the fruit of righteousness just like our Captain of Salvation who was made perfect through pain and suffering. Old adage, every job as its barn to clean. God has given us our allotment and challenges in time. The Grand Weaver will shape us into the way He wants us to be. Ask for strength and thank Him for the strength He has given us.

Dr. Ravi asked how to get wisdom and he was told to look for someone who has endures long and remain in faith and spend time with him / her.

Q: How do we reconcile God’s sovereignty and our free will?

A: (Michael said he is glad that Ravi Jee is ‘predestined’ to answer this one.) Dr. Ravi said he would be ‘free’ to answer this. It’s not a problem. It’s only a problem when we exclude one from the other. Both are in the Scripture. Jesus was God and man. If we can accept this why not the co-existence predestination and free will? Dr. Ravi said John Calvin and John Wesley are both in heaven and they have all eternity to resolve this (“if indeed it is still an issue”, Loong.)

In his book, the Grand Weaver, Dr. Ravi sold the story of witnessing a father and son weaving a saree. The father has the design and the son responded to his instructions. God has in his hands the threads of our life. We have the simple part of responding to his instructions.

Q: Is hell a place of eternal torture?

A: Luther was asked what did God do before he created the world. He said God made hell for people who have difficult question.

Michael was told by a friend that hell is a place of eternal torment instead of eternal torture. When we come to God’s presence, every comes clean. There is no hiding. When Isaiah first came to God, he felt uncomfortable and unpleasant. But after the coal was placed on his lips and everything was totally different. When we are unclean before God, it was not a joyful experience in the presence of God. Sometimes we say sorry not because we think we are wrong but because we want to restore the relationship.

Dr. Ravi told of Michael’s sermon called the justice of God (God of Love? God of Judgement?) which is available in the ministry website.

Q: Creation and Evolution?

A: Michael took this one. He told us John Lennox’s book, the Seven Days That Divide the World. Hundreds of years ago, we don’t know a lot of things and God lives in the gaps. Now the gaps are getting smaller. Even we have exhaustive explanation of the mechanism of the universe, it doesn’t answer the question of whether there is an architect / designer / agency.

We live in a fixed mathematical law and science. When we see something, and when we see it’s reversed, we don’t say the law is broken.

Dr. Ravi wanted us to understand why people argue the way they do.

Some people deny the absolute with an exception to justify relativism. When it comes to creation, the deny the exception. When it comes to ethics, they invoke the exception to support relativism.

When we get into an academic arena, the people are trying to discredit whatever we believe by making us deny a scientific theory. We don’t want to get into the battle of how, we want to focus on the war of who. The skeptics will try to lead us into this trap.

Pastor Daniel said we don’t win people by arguments.

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