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I was Blindsided and Jesse (my son) showed me the way

I wanted to retire for the night but I wanted to put this down first.

I used to play game books. I think I will do this post in that style.

I write a newsletter for my company. The latest issue is about getting help. I mentioned we can get help from anyone. I elaborated how I got help from Jesse on Skyrim and other things that he is learning now from school. Boss thinks it’s too personal so I took it out. I sent the original draft to Jesse though.

This is something that happened this afternoon.

If you don’t know what Skyrim is, go to 2. If you do, go to 3.

I was blindsided an stuck. I didn’t know what to do. I tried many different ways to no avail. I asked Jesse for help and he showed me the way. I see how to do it now. I just have to believe in myself. Go to 4.

I was stuck at the Blindsided quest in Skyrim (the 5th installment of a game called the Elder’s Scroll.) Blindsided is a Thieves’ Guild quest, I had no idea how to get past those Dwemer (dwarven) spheres. I asked Jesse to help. He took the on like a boss. He checked my inventory and noted the vast collection of potions and said it would be a breeze. He helped me to get past the hurdle. Go to 4.

I believed we can learn from anyone. It is presumptious and arrogant for us to think we don’t need (or cannot) learn something from others. If we think we can only learn from those older than us or are in higher positions, we are not not being humble.

Jesse and me have slightly different style when we play games. He’d rush the enemies. I’d think and think before I engage the enemies. Sometimes his method got us into troubles in split screen modes. Sometimes I am too far back to help.

In Skyrim, Jesse is well ahead. He is a level 47 wood elf. I am a level 31 wood elf (is it a coincidence that both of us chose a wood elf?) Some quests he did and I get advice from him. Some quests I did before him and he would check with me.

In the journey in life, I have made my fair share of mistakes and I also had my fair share of failures. I want very much to show him the many potential pitfalls in life. I want him to avoid them if possible. I want him to benefit from my life experiences and learn from them.

It’s not easy. I cannot but try my very best. I cannot give up. If I do, I would be a hypocrite when I help others. God will help me.

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