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A lazy weekend

There are so many things for me to do this Saturday.

Before today, I have planned a few things, including going to see doctor (which I did yesterday evening), service my 2 cars, renew my passport, etc.

I left the office 5 min early. I originally wanted to leave at 1600. I ended leaving at 1725. Saw doctor and after taking all that medicine, I am really feeling better now.

I managed to only got 1 car serviced. And I had to get it back in the after noon to replace a battery. The battery was dead. I could not start the car. Jesse went back home while I waited for the mechanic to come to jump start the car. We will go to the celebration tomorrow.

There is this M4J in Bukit Jalil. I didn’t go. There is the 16th MCCC, I didn’t go. Normally, I’d have taken leave the year before. This year, I just didn’t go. I probably wouldn’t make it. I had things to do in the office. I would not be able to just leave my colleagues on their own.

Passport renewal will have to wait.

Today is a rather lazy weekend. I basically did nothing. I just kept changing from being awake / asleep in front of the notebook. I checked two reports and fixed another one. This is a bad habit I have. I cannot stand things remain outstanding if I could help it. I need to draw the line. I should not read / respond to email during the weekend.

I got to rest. That’s a great blessing.

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