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Life is life

When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don’t think about the rest
And you all get the power
You all get the best
When everyone gets everything
And every song everybody sings

Life is life

When I was young (that was quite a long time ago), I used to like this song. When it is played  over the stereo in my dad’s car, I’d sing along. The lyrics are simple. I didn’t think too much of it.

This morning, I was told that the husband of a colleague died, 31 years young, suspected of heart attack. He was survived by the wife (my colleague, who joined us not long ago) and a 4-year old baby.

I have not had the privilege of meeting the man. My heart stopped a beat as I tried to imagine the pain and grief of my colleague. They had a whole life of future ahead of them. Not this.

I don’t have much money but I think their need is greater than mine. So, I gave a bit.

Life is beautiful, so exclaimed the title of a movie. I have read the story but I have never watched the movie. I want to believe life is beautiful, especially when it’s a life in Christ, a life knowing who the Maker is.

Life is long / short depending on the individual. It also depends on the perspective I supposed.

Life can also be full of sorrows and pains. But I would not trade any of it away. Suffering is a very real part of life without which we may not fully appreciate the joy and beauty of life.

I had the privilege of translating this song into Chinese for my former church. I’d like to share the video here.

Until next time. Have a life. Have a good life!


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