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Proud of my son and mistaken another person as my wife

My dad is 72 this year. After a couple of accidents (no harm, right in the porch) where he hit my brother’s car, we don’t let him drive any more.

He wanted to go to KL last week. I could not find time to accompany him. Even my weekend is packed.

Then Jesse went to stay at my parents’ place. My brother is outstation on a business trip. The notebook is there for Jesse for the few days. There is also Euro 2012.

I brought some fresh clothes for Jesse after work tonight. I found out he accompanied my parents to Kuala Lumpur today. I am so happy. My dad was able to get the food he wanted. I am very proud of Jesse. If in the past I think he is obsessed with games, now I know he has love and respect for others, especially people who love him.

As I was driving home, I sent a text to tell my wife we are going to swap cars tomorrow. We do this every now and then. She works in Tadika Juara Cerdik and parks her car in the Dream Centre. I pay for a monthly parking pass in SS2. The monthly pass is renewed for tomorrow onwards. For whatever reasons, I sent the text message to another woman (my Little Sister.) Well, if I tell you I have mistaken another woman as my wife, you’d be probably thinking a lot of things. Actually, it’s just a case of sending a text message to the wrong person. No big deal. My Little Sister wondered what car swapping I was talking about.

I had the pleasure to guide 2 persons with Excel today. One is work. One is personal. For whatever reason, I enjoyed the latter more. I like to help people. I like to teach / train / show how things are done. That is one of my passions.

Today was rather a good day.

Quote of the day. “I want a break before I break.” I just thought it’s a funny way to describe my current situation.

Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated.

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