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Went to the hospital again

I slept quite late on 16/12/2012 (Sun) morning. I went to bed around 2 AM. Little that I knew that I would not be getting any sleep.

I had the abdominal pain. This time I felt pain at the lower back too, somewhere around the right kidney. To make matters worse, the UTI (urinary tract infection) is back.

I took the only Tramadol (sleep inducing painkiller) I had. It didn’t work. I didn’t get drowsy. The pain was still there.

I asked K, my dear wife to drive me to the hospital. I arrived at the A&E of UMMC at 0412 according to a clock on the wall.

I approached the Triage Counter and gave my MyKAD for registration. Blood pressure was measured and it reads 160/110 and 163/113.

I proceeded to register and then wait for my name to be called. I heard my name right after  got back form the wash room. Nice.

The nurse on duty took my bp again, this time it rose to 170. An ECG revealed no problems with my heart. I was then transported to the emergency ward on a bed. Nice. A kind male nurse gave me a blanket. Nice.

The doctor spoke to me and tried to find out what was wrong. He ordered 2 painkillers via IV and a medicine to be taken orally. I got drowsy almost in an instance.

The doctor and nurse came to look at me and took my bp every now and then. Blood samples and urine samples (I could manage only 1/5 of the container.) An X-ray was done.

I went to the toilet (twice, I went to the one outside the emergency ward, which required a bit of walking because the only toilet in the was was in use. My trips to the toilets were mostly false alarms.

I got another dose of the painkillers later. This time I didn’t feel sleepy. Perhaps I was already rather sleepy. I could not sleep, as quiet as the ward was. The discomfort at the abdomen is like an annoying alarm bell that would not go away. It was constantly there. Gradually, it became less uncomfortable. This is when the UTI turned full force. I felt my bladder was full. I went to the toilet and … nothing. This happened a few times.

Upon hearing this, the doctor checked my prostate and suspected infection.

At around 0900, another doctor who took over my case told me my urine sample contained bacteria, indicating UTI. She also told me they could find nothing wrong with me and hence did not know what was the cause of my abdominal pain. She asked me to get an ultrasound done so they can be sure there is no stone. I told her the same process has been done in Aug. Nevertheless, I would do it again.

Boss told me to go to a private hospital if UMMC could not help me. She also told me to take MC if needed. considering the lost time with the appointment making, the ultrasound scan (which takes hours) and meeting with a doctor to go through the ultrasound results, I don’t want to take extra days off in the form of MCs.

I called K to pick me home. As I am typing this, I have taken breakfast and the medicine for te ITL.

As in the previous visit, the staff were courteous and helpful. I really felt that I was well taken care of.

Praise God!

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  1. rizan
    16/12/2012 at 6:24 pm

    Get well soon! Take care

  2. 16/12/2012 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks, Rizan.

  1. 30/12/2012 at 4:10 pm

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