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2012 Reflection

Pastor Daniel reflected the year that was 2012 in the last weekend celebration of the year. He focused on 4 areas in the church.

He encouraged all of us to do the same. So, here goes.

I’d reflect in the following areas in my life in 2012.

  1. Family
  2. Church
  3. Health
  4. Good friends
  5. Work


There are no additions to the family. Kathleen doesn’t think we need to add any more. 🙂 Jesse has completed his first 12 months of A-Levels in the Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. He’d complete it in another 6 months. He’d have to think carefully what degree he wants to pursue after that. I am sorry to say that being a bad steward, I cannot offer him much choices. With 3 notebooks, 2 tablets, and 4 smartphones at home (3 Android and 1 iPhone. Jesse carries 2 including the iPhone), we spend most our times on our own.

I feel very bad that I did nothing at all with SOL 2 and 3. All three of us complete all the classes in 2011. Kathleen and Jesse waited for me to do the reading and workbook assignments together. That didn’t happen in 2011. It also didn’t happen in 2012.

I’d like to see a change. There should be a time set apart for devotion and another for each other. Let’s see if we can have a no-gadget / TV / internet time. And also, I want to try to get all of us to graduate from SOL 2 and 3 in 2013.

And oh, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary for Kathleen and me. Yes, we have been married that long.


I have been ‘sleeping’ for a few years. I don’t preach. I don’t lead worship. I don’t lead cell groups. I don’t hear ministries. In June, I was made a cell group leader following the multiplication of the cell group I was attending. I also joined the DUMC Writing Team (the A Team or the Administration Team to be specific.) Before the close of the year, I even stood in to take sermon notes.

I used to blog sermon notes and conference notes. I stopped.

I will continue to server in the cell group. The members are a wonderful bunch of people. I will also continue to do what I can in the Writing Team. Let’s see if I can write more.

Jesse is right at home with his friends in the youth groups. We made many friends. I am particularly grateful for the care and concerns of a few pastors over my well-being, which leads me to the next area.


I have been told that my blood pressure was high. This year, on 28/08/2012, I was admitted into the A&E of UMMC for a pain in my abdomen. My blood pressure went up to 190 / 138! Shortly thereafter, I started taking medication for hypertension. On 16/12/2012, the same thing happened. Both times, the myriad of tests didn’t reveal the cause of the pain. A subsequent ultrasound reveal a 0.48 cm object. The radiologist told me it could be a debris or it could be a stone. Recently, I have been feeling giddy. I am absent-minded. I miss our details. Just this morning, I drove into a no-entry lane. A few months ago, I was in the church waiting for my son, I totally forgotten about the Leaders Meeting that was taking place. So, I sat in the Dream Cafe downstairs while the meeting took place upstairs – when I could have and should have joined. I need to take care of myself.

A few pastors in the church (plus many friends outside the church) showed their concerns when they heard about my condition. One pastor (who has the same surname I have) even took it upon himself to watch what I took for the communal dinner before the Leaders Meeting.

I have tried and struggled with controlling my diet (less salt, less meat, less oil, less cholesterol), getting enough sleep, doing exercises. I am meeting my dietitian again in Feb 2013. I am to shed 8 KG. I was doing ok until the scale stopped working – it didn’t go down any more. 🙂

I will have more self-control. With my friends keeping an eye on me (“McDonald’s again?”), I will do well. Did I tell you I have good friends?

Good Friends

God has been very gracious to me. He knows I cannot take care of myself. So, he sent many people to help me. My son is my driving counsellor (and my ever-present help when I get stuck in Skyrim.) My wife is my LIFE coach. She tells me everything I am not doing right in my life, including those I think I am doing right. 🙂 My CG members encourage me. My dear colleagues help me watch my diet. I have good friends from my former church who give me opportunity to learn more about God from them. My family (parents and siblings – 7 of them!) love me. I have a KPY. I have 2 dry sisters whom I have not met for some time. I have a GM.

And I got to meet some of my old friends from Tunku Abdul Rahman College to catch up.

I can only wish I can be as much of a blessing as these people are to me.


I wasn’t doing very well last year. I kept quiet during the appraisal because I really didn’t shine in 2011. This year, I tried harder. By poor health got into the way. Twice I have resumed work after getting a wisdom tooth extracted (once in a previous job and once in the current one.) As a general rule, I don’t like to be absent from my work. I reply all requests as and when I get them, wherever and whenever. But reality set in. I cannot do that. So, I am more choosy now. I only respond to my boss anytime anywhere. Same goes for my team. (Actually, I still reply to everyone. Then only I’d tell them I am on MC / on leave / etc.)

On one particular day in 2012, I was made to be responsible for 3 different projects. I am still working on them. I want to do more. I believe there is much more I can do for my colleagues.

2012 is also the year I moved from Blogspot to WordPress. I have been thinking of doing that for a while. I like it so far.

Was 2012 a good year? Maybe yes and maybe no. Will 2013 be a good year? I don’t know. It’s a pivotal year in more ways than one. We hope to see a change.

Thank you for reading. You have a great and blessed year!

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  1. 31/12/2012 at 11:37 am

    Hi Loong

    it has been a while since I last read your blog.
    i would say 2012 is a fruitful year for you, many things happen and you are counting your blessing, you are aware of your main areas of life.

    I wish you health, and more importantly achieving your dreams and wishes in year to come.

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