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Reflection on sermon: Practices in Work-Life Integration

Last week, Pastor Dr. Daniel Ho preached on the Principles of Work-Life Integration. He explained why we should not strive for Work-Life Balance (which depends on ourselves) but rather Work-Life Integration. Sermon summary can be found here.

As I shared in the CG, we cannot divide our lives like a pie chart. We should have one integrated life, with God in it all the time.

This week, brother Lim Kah Hooi shared about the Practices in Work-Life Integration in 5 areas:

  1. Calling
  2. Character
  3. Competence
  4. Commitment
  5. Community

I gave this some serious thoughts. Just before the sermon, Pastor Chris Manivannan (my Zone Pastor) had a chat with me. He sensed that I try too hard and try to do too much, so much so I am neglecting those closest to me. I need to do some major changes in my life.


We must know our calling or as KJV put it, our vocation. Pastor Chris asked me about my calling too. Not too many years ago, I was thinking I would soon serve full time. That has not happened yet. In fact, I became a pew warmer for many years. I am just glad I have been given a chance to serve again, in whatever small capacity I could.

Brother Kah Hooi said we should be called instead of being driven. Pastor Chris advised me to clear all the distractions in my life, set the priorities right and then I will be able to see my calling clearly. I’ll do that.


It has been shared many times by many different preachers – character is important. A competent person without character cannot go very far. Brother Kah hooi told us that honesty is what we do when people see while integrity is what we do when people don’t see.

Brother Kah Hooi contrasted Character against Charisma. That gets me thinking. All the things I do, sometime going out of the way to help, do I want to help or do I want to impress? There are a few people I’d do whatever I can do to help, no matter what. I don’t even need their thank you. I have to watch myself not to help with the wrong motives.


Pastor Daniel has time and again encouraged us to display the spirit of excellence in whatever we do. If we don’t do what we do (be it work, study, etc.) well, it serves as a bad testimony. We should not be Complacent.

A Competent person gives his best and does an excellent job while a Complacent person gives his time and do an adequate job.

I would like to add that after we give our best and does what we think is an excellent job, we should not be discouraged when we don’t get acknowledgement / recognition from man. We should work as though we are working for God. As long as we have approval from God, we don’t care what other people say / don’t say.


Do I do things because I think they are right, all the time or do I just do it because it’s convenient. I think in terms of helping people, I don’t always do it out of convenience. So, I need to examine whether I am committed in what I am doing.


Do I work well with others or do I do things my own way? Do I listen to others? Do I talk to others? Do I make decisions on my own and do things on my own? Do I trust others? To be sure, there are times (lots of times, in fact) I’d do something on my own because I think no one else could do it as good as I do. That’s arrogance. When I attend a function, I have a habit of spotting mistakes which I think won’t be there if I were the one to do it. I have to change this mindset. Give other a chance to do what they can do. Give myself a chance to learn from others. I am not good in everything. I am not even very good in some of the things.

I find this a very relevant message to my stage in life at this point in time. I need to make some major changes to my life. If I don’t want Jesse to have this kind of life, then I must not live this kind of life lest he emulates.

2 years ago, a vendor is found to be a rogue vendor, in the sense that they didn’t tell us they have been terminated by the principal and they did not provide us the software license. In my mind, I was thinking how to pay back the RM176k to the company. NO ONE asked me to pay back.

If someone sent an email after office hours or during the weekend, chances are they don’t expect an answer immediately. So, why do I have to answer every email the moment I see them as thought I have a crazy KPI to meet? NOBODY asked me to respond immediately. It’s ok to wait until I get into the office on the next working day. I know, I hate to see things hanging. But I have a family. My wife and my son needs me. I must give them time.

If it’s something urgent or a showstopper, someone will get me by my mobile.

Life can be so wonderful. Let’s live it right.

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