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Reflection on Daniel’s Preparation – Influence in the Workplace I

I have always enjoyed Pastor Mike Ngui’s (@mikengui) sermons, not because we have the same surname. He is able to blend pop culture and contemporary issues with his messages. He’s a showman through and through.

In his message, (taking over from Pastor Daniel, who – thank God – has recovered from dengue fever) he shared the following:

Challenges – the Strategy of the Enemy

The enemy attacks

  1. our heritage
  2. our faith
  3. our convictions
  4. our identity

Resolutions – the Strategy of the People of God

  1. Look for God’s sovereign hand
  2. Seek the good of  those around you
  3. Determine not to compromise
  4. Depend on God
  5. Band with like-minded people

He then shared many ways we can serve in different ministries.

Indeed, as Christians, we are constantly put under the microscope. It’s perhaps easier to just go with the flow. But we must stand firm when our heritage / faith / convictions / identity is under attack. There is a fine line between tolerance and compromise. We must always remember God is sovereign and trust in him.

Dr. Ron Choong (@actsifu), from ACT Ministry based in New York described the Christian faith in 3 stages:

  1. Confessional
  2. Convictional
  3. Commitment

To quote,

The Christian faith begins with a confessional belief that Jesus is the fullest expression of God to humanity. This affirmation may erode as it faces competition from other confessions that one may make. The second stage of belief is convictional, assisted by the Holy Spirit. But with freedom to choose, even convictions can be resisted. The third stage of belief is our commitment to believe even when we do not feel particularly close to God. It is this commitment to our convictional confession that holds our faith steady. Trust in God requires all 3 stages of belief.

So, to trust in God is a conscious, constant and deliberate decision-making process. There is no “pastor please pray for me so I will automatically obey God” prayer. It doesn’t work that way.

Of the resolutions that Pastor Mike Ngui shared, the 2nd one resonates with me the most, especially in work.

I am a busybody by nature. My office is in SS2. Double parking is a common scene. Sometimes the driver whose car is blocked will honk loud and long. And I cannot stand it. I cannot have my colleagues being disturbed. I’d go out and try to track down the owner. It could be the DiGi centre or a restaurant, or a colleague (!). My receptionist are particularly peeved by people who refused to take calls when they double park their cars. I will make sure the trapped driver gets out before I get back to my place.

I also like to help people. I must admit, I especially like to help some people. My boss, that goes without saying. I’d like to see her as more than my boss. And a few others. There are a few people in the office I make it a point to talk to everyday. I want to help them. I want to ensure as much as I can that they are ok. And I draw strength from them, just by talking to them or seeing them smile.

Let’s do good. Let his glory be seen. Be a good influence.

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