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The ordeal – 3 small tests

I started around 1930 last night (13 Apr 2013, Fri.) I had dinner and I was waiting for Kathleen to get ready. We are going to a new place for CG meeting. My stomach rumbled. I had diarrhea.

We were to celebrate the birthday of three CG members plus to do home blessing for George and Sally, who were so kind to invite us to have the CG meeting at their beautiful, spacious, nice, spacious, classy (did I say spacious?) condominium at 5 Stones, SS2.

Kathleen and I reached slight before 2030. Wenda reached shortly. I didn’t have Sally’s number in my phone. Wenda called Sally, who came down to look for us to bring us up. Stomach was ok. But imagine the anxiety while I was waiting downstairs.

The CG meeting went ok. We talked. We worshiped, we prayed for 13 things for the house. We celebrated birthdays for Wenda, Henry and Jessica with a tiramisu cake I bought. We wanted to leave early but we didn’t do so until midnight.

Reached home safely. Test 1 was over.

The next morning, Jesse had to be in his college  by 0600. Kathleen went to church for morning prayers. It’s up to me to get Jesse to his college in time. LRT wouldn’t work as the service starts at 0600. So, I prayed and took Jesse. It was so smooth to drive at 0530 in the morning. Not many cars. We have green lights after green lights. I noticed the u-turn at the Jalan Maarof was closed for MRT construction.

I got Jesse to his college before 0600. I went to the toilet. Nothing. I then proceeded to go home. I missed a turning and made a round trip back to Brickfields. The second time, I thought i got it correct but the road did not lead me to Damansara Heights. I didn’t want to risk Jalan Maarof. I must have missed it again. I found my way back to Bangsar and tried my luck. True enough, I could not turn to PJ from Jalan Maarof. I had to go towards Pusat Bandar Damansara. I scanned through my memory of the time I worked on a project at Guthrie and eventually found my way back to PJ.

The journey took about 1 hour. I even took time to pump gas when I am near home.

I figured, if it was later with more cars, I’d be more anxious.

Test 2 over.

In the evening, I was to join the KLUF (the Kuala Lumpur Urban Fellowship) to interpret. I was still having diarrhea. I sent a text to John asking for prayers. It went ok. I went to toilet many time before I left house, once before and once after the celebration.

Test 3 over.

Tomorrow, if I am still not recovered, I will stay at home.

Through it all, I prayed and meditate on God’s words constantly. This is the same when I travel long hours, be it a car ride to Johor or a flight to anywhere. I normally don’t eat anything before I travel.

And today, I had the extra challenge of diarrhea. God showed me how little faith I had.



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