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The Danger of Complacency (Amos 6)

Pastor Dr. Daniel Ho, 17/11/2013

Israel was safe, secured, famous and successful (v1, 2). Israel was also involved in luxurious living and fine dining (v4-6). They have wealth and power but obtained unjustly (v3, 12b, 13).

Rev 21:18-21 suggests that pure gold is transparent.

All they have are obtained through exploitation.

What did success make Israel?

  1. Complacent (v1) “Woe to you who are complacent in Zion …” They don’t see a need for God. We can fall into the same trap if we are not careful.
  2. Proud (v8a) “I abhor the pride of Jacob” They felt secured and safe. They thought nothing can touch them. True security is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Not anything and not anyone.
  3. Be in a CG for encouragement, accountability and discipleship. (Pro 27:17) As iron sharpen iron, so one man sharpens another. Bad companies corrupt good morals.
  4. Godless (v9, 10) In spite of the nature of the disaster, the response of the people was still not to mention the name of the Lord. They made no reference to God. (Note, it is not a Jewish custom to burn bodies.) When we make important decisions, seek counsel from God. Life with reference with God. There is no dichotomy between faith and medicine. When we are sick, go see doctor. When we feel better, let the doctor verify of God’s healing.

What is Amos’ prophetic word?

  1. Woe to the complacent (v1) This is probably fallen on deaf ears.
  2. There shall be destruction (v9, 11)
  3. They shall go into exile (v7, 14) Lebo Hamath means entrance to Hamath, Hebrew and Arabic share the same semantic origin. The word lebuh is lebo. Prophet is nabi in both Hebrew and Arabic. Nobody can claim exclusive rights in language. The English language also borrow from other languages, e.g. French, Greek and Latin. Bendera is from bandera (Spanish) and gereja is from iglesia (Spanish). Language is a universal property. It took place 30 years later after Amos’ ministry.

Complacency is something Christians should watch out of. We should not just pray when we are in times of troubles. We should pray all the time.

Guarding against complacency:

  1. Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly (v8) Refer to Zecchaeus.
  2. Be a compassionate person. Don’t just hang out with rich and powerful. Spend time with the poor. It helps us to develop humility. Reach out to be a blessing to others. When we are humble, we never loose out.
  3. Live an integrated life and find an avenue to serve faithfully (Rom 12:6-8). We don’t feel guilty when we go for holidays. And since we have an integrated life, even when we are out on holidays, we are mindful of things we don’t do, places we don’t go. And the more we serve, the more we grow.
  4. Fear God – worship him regularly in church and be unafraid to confess Jesus publicly (Rev 15:4). If we as Christians have the fear of God in us, there are certain things we will do, there are also certain things we will not do. Christian worship is never set in a context of a lone ranger. It’s always in the context of a community. So, if we are healthy and well and do not have a reason, we should go for celebration in the church and not watch the live stream. (I am here in DUMC!) One of the main reasons Christians backslide is they hide their faith. When they do that, they think they can compromise and nobody knows. God knows.
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