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LEAD2014 #2 – Faith #LEAD2014

Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat, Jakarta Praise Community Church


Pastor Jeffrey believes we as Christians need to be simple and relevant.

The Word of God doesn’t change our situation or problems. What is does is to change our perspective. And perspective is everything. If we see problem from the view of God, we have faith to believe in the impossible. Instead of seeing how big the problem is, we see how things are possible.

Christianity is more than just a religion. It is the relationship between God and man, based on love. (Jn 3:16)

“Religion is what’s left when God leaves the room” ~ Bono

God gave the commandments because he loves his people and he wants them to benefit. He didn’t do it to take away our freedom and fun. (1 Jn 5:3)

Sometimes the way we look at the problem is the problem. We need the Word of God so we can see the problems from a different perspective, God’s perspective.

The commandments are not to restrict us but God wanted to protect us.

Trust has to be earned. Trust has to be developed over time. We cannot expect someone to trust us when we first met.

Trust in God’s Word and character is called faith. Faith is to be developed. (Rom 1:17)

Our faith is a progressive faith. We move from having no faith when we are still living in sin to little faith. As we develop our faith, we have bigger faith and great faith and we become full of faith,

Sometimes we forget the time factor. We expect new believers to have all the faith. Faith is like the mustard seed. Faith needs to be put to work to develop.

Jesus has to deal with this progressive of his disciples again and again. He wasn’t upset when his disciples thought he was the devil when they saw him walking on water. Jesus has to deal with different level of trust and faith. He left the group outside, he took Peter, John and James to pray for Jairus’ daughter. (Jn 6:4-7)

Exercising faith in God doesn’t always involve money. They still have their money after feeding the 5000. We can achieve our dreams without money. So, money is not the problem. Faith is the problem.

Jn 20:27. Jesus has to deal with Thomas’ lack of faith. We are not supposed to put unnecessary burden to our fellow believers.

Faith is exercised when we accept that God has revealed as true.

Faith is the currency of God’s kingdom.

Faith is what we get we see a situation in God’s perspective.

How can we develop faith?

Sometimes we want big faith immediately to do big things.

Do what we know is true again. Have the discipline to read the Bible, to love someone.

Faith is not for lust, not for personal gain.

Faith is motivated by a desire to please God. It is hypocrisy to be motivated by a desire to please man. When we aim to please man, God sees us as a two-faced person.

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