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#LEAD2014 Here and Now Stream Session – The Hardest Task of a Leader

Pastor Peter Tan Chi


Pastor Tan Chi

“Destination determines destination, not intention.” When we have intentions, we know what we need to do. But it’s only when we take steps then will we reach our destination.

The hardest person to lead is ourselves.

In a compass, the most important part is the centre (where we are.)  We need to know our own Achilles Heels and submit it to God.

Spiritual Leadership is influencing people to move toward God’s agenda for their lives and for the organization.

How do we develop self leadership? Let God take control.

When we lead, there are three components:

  1. Head knowledge – this is the easiest. We can provide books and materials.
  2. Hands (skills) – this is slightly harder. We need to train,
  3. Heart (character and motivation).


No Shortcuts!

1. Difficult People

God’s method of dealing with our heart is using people in our lives, people that we may not exactly like. (You may be annoying me but you are my sanctifier.) God may give us people that we don’t love.

2. Difficult Situations

3. Time

Pr 4:23

The Dreaded Leadership Disease

  • Drive for position
  • Drive for prestige (recognition)
  • Drive for power (control)
  • Drive for personal agenda

All these can be summed up in one word: pride.

Pride is a bad breathe. People with body odour cannot smell their own odour because they are so used to it. People with pride problems will not admit they have no problems. Pride is our hardest challenge. 99% of our hurt and pain are caused by a hidden disease called pride.

We feel bad when people bad mouth us, when the pastor doesn’t recognize our contribution, when our spouse does not give us the proper respect.It’s all because of pride.

Mk 9:31-35, 10:32–34

Jesus was about to die but the disciples were discussing positions. After 3.5 years with Jesus but they still did not get the cross.

Mk 10:35-37, we saw James and John requested to sit beside Jesus.

Mk 10:41.-42 The other disciples were angry because they wanted the same thing.

The root cause of anger is to have our plan stopped. Have we ever wonder why God stop certain things in our lives.

Mk 10:43-45 Solution to pride is to be humble.

Mk 20:23 Mothers got involved.

We all get temptations. Temptation is not sin. It’s important how we deal with temptation.

Th reason we want to protect our rights is because we are worried others will take advantage of us. Don’t worry. Surrender our right to the Lord.

Proud Person Humble Person
Reacts when criticized Listens to criticism
Blame others Assumes responsibility
My rights Surrender rights
Wants recognition Content to be behind the scenes
Know-it-all Teachable
Personal agenda God’s agenda
Wants to be served Serves others

Walter Jesperson is the grandfather to Paster Peter’s granddaughter-in-law. He was a missionary to China. He was kicked out of China. Pastor Peter’s grandson asked him (Walter) what he wanted. He replied he wanted to know more about Jesus. He longed to see Jesus. He also looked forward to seeing his wife. A month before his death, the the doctor told his family if he needed to pay to see a patient, he would pay to see grandpa Walter because he is a humble person. He prayed for the the doctor and his family. Grandpa Walter learned to live his life very well, i.e. to live for Christ.

Why Great Man Fall

  • No quiet time
  • No accountability
  • Counselling women
  • “I thought this could never happen to me.”

Pastor Peter has 3 accountability groups, with his pastors, business people and family.

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