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#LEAD2014 Night Session #1

Pastor Tan Chi

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi


“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” ~A. W. Tozer

It is a privilege to serve God. He doesn’t need us. We need him.

The animal chosen by countries to represent them are strong. No country chose the lamb because they are defenseless.

God made sheep so we can relate to him. The strongest sheep is powerless against a wolf.

The Bible is full of pictures and metaphors of sheep.

We worry about a lot of things. Money, health, family, future. It is the same for everyone. What is the antidote.

There are some of the names of God in Psalm 23.

“I shall not want” – the Lord will privide (Gen 22:14) YHWH-Hireh

“sill waters” – the Lord our peace (Judg 6:24

“I ear no evil for oyu are with me” – “the Lord is here (Ezek 48:35)

Jesus is called

  • The good shepherd
  • The great shepherd
  • The chief shepherd

There are 17 instances of the first person pronoun in the 6 verses in Psalm 23.

A small town in US was having a carnival. Some people sang, some people danced. Mr. Jones from Broadway and he recited Psalm 23 in his baritone voice. Mr. James was asked to do something. He only knew Psalm 23. He was encouraged to share his version. He interspersed Psalm 23 with his life experiences. Mr. Jones said he knew Psalm 23 but Mr. James knew the shepherd of Psalm 23.

There is a difference between knowing the Word and knowing the Lord.

Ps 34:10

A sheep will never lie down when it’s hungry or in fear. We hear the expression “the grass is greener at the other side.”

We must believe we are placed in green pasture. It’s the shepherd’s job to pick the pasture, not the sheep.

The sheep is afraid of running water. The shepherd literally shops the water He brought them to still water.

John C. Penney was told by his father 2 things to remember to be successful:

  1. The golden rule
  2. Be honest and work hard

At the age of 17, they had financial problem. He worked in a store. He worked hard and got promoted. Eventually, he put up a store. He called is the Golden Rule store. At that time, there is no price tag. The customer has to haggle for the price. He is the first one to put price tags to his goods. He got financial problems. He w1as anxious. The wife took him to see doctor but the doctors could not tell what was wrong with him. In the hospital, he heard a song – God will take care of you. He was no longer anxious.

God guides us in the good path for his name seek. If we claim to be his follower but we don’t follow his ways, he will deal with us.

We are very self-willed. We get into problem all the time.

Heb 12:6 shows us that God disciplines us.

The third person pronoun in the first three verses s changed to the first person pronoun in the next 3 verses.

We don’t like to walk in valleys. Our security is not in business, money, not even in ministry.

A rod can be used to attach the wolves. A staff is a 6′ stick with a crook.It is used to pick up or save a sheep.

When a sheep sees a wolf but it also sees the shepherd, it feels safe and continues grazing. Our security is not in the absence of problems. It is in the Lord.

During summer time, flies lay eggs the sheep and cause them lots of problem. The shepherd applies oil to prevent that. The smell of the oil also drives away snakes.

A man pulled over when he noticed a police followed him. At first he tried to run but when the police flash his sirens, he pulled over. The police returned him his wallet which was dropped in the hotel. The police is the brother of the hotel operator who sought his help to return the wallet. He also told the man he won a raffle. The police was bring good things to him yet he tried to run away.

John 10:27-28. The sheep recognizes the voice of the shepherd. “no one shall snatch them out of My hand.”

John 10:28-29 “no one is able to snatch them out of the father’s hand.”

Are we afraid of the future destiny? If Jesus is our shepherd, we have security.

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