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#LEAD2014 Here and Now – Discipleship

Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat


To Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat, leadership is about adding value.

1 Cor 4:1

We are stewards of the mysteries of God. When someone tell us a secret, they want us to keep it that way. However, with the mysteries of God, we are to live it and to infest it to others, to share it to others. And this is the beginning of discipleship.

Sometimes we see better things for the people in living the darkness.  Better organizations, business, marriages, etc. We should live a life that makes others envy, that they want to know how to follow our example.

Mt 5:14-16

We want to show “our” good works to glorify to God, not his good works. It may sound spiritual to tell others to look to Jesus and not to us. The scripture tells us that the people should look at us.

Peter and John met a paralytic man. Peter told him to look at him. That’s a very important statement. We paid more attention about Peter saying gold and silver he had not.

The Country Director of Google Indonesia called the current generation the Connected Generation. People want to be connected. The first thing we go to any place, a shopping mall or a restaurant, is the WiFi. WiFi is becoming a necessity. Google is the place we turn to when we need to look for answers. With internet and social media, we can see, we can follow, we can chat and even connect to someone from another part of the planet. We can even follow someone we don’t like. We need to guard our hearts carefully lest we become envious or jealous of others. Stop following someone if we cannot handle their blessings.

On the flip side, how we live our lives can be a inspiration to many all over the world.

In Indonesia, a person looks at the screen (tablets or smartphones) 150 times a day. If we don’t appear interesting to them compared to their apps, they won’t pay attention to us. With technology, we can meet many people in the world, people can follow us.

Sidney Mohede has more than 100k followers in his Instagram and Twitter accounts. He often posts messages of good values. He is impacting so many people.

If Jesus and Paul were living today, they would have millions of followers.

Lk 13:6-9 The goal of life is to produce fruit. Growing is only good for ourselves. Bearing fruit is good for others. The talent God gave us is for others. The purpose of God in our lives is to benefit others. Our satisfaction in life comes when we are able to share, to help or serve other people.

A well-paid soccer player won’t be happy to sit on the bench to watch their teammates play. When they play, they risk, injury, they run around for 90+ minutes and they get tired. But they like it. They will do it again the next week. They get upset when the coach bench them and just collect their salary. If they are not playing, they will move to another club. If soccer players know / feel this, how much more should Christians understand this.

Phases of discipleship:

  1. Dependence – “Give me!” At this stage, we feel helpless. When we don’t get what we want, we cry just like a baby.
  2. Independence – “I can do it myself!” They don’t ask permission, They spend what they earn, But the Bible tells us it is not good for man to be alone. Imagine celebrating a birthday on our own, buying a cake, singing the birthday song, eating the cake and sending a card to ourselves. That’s pathetic. We need to learn to share our knowledge and experience. By being alone we cannot do that.
  3. Interdependence. A state of maturity. Bearing fruit and sharing for others to enjoy. Learn to be generous and not self-centred.

Pastor Jeffrey wants his “partners” (church members) to be mature. One person cannot do it all. All of them do it together at the same time. Make good use of what God has given us. If we do this, there is nothing we cannot do. We can tackle a big project because we give all we have.

JPCC  has a congregation of 12,000 . There is a staff force of 21 but 1,500 volunteers. They start their Sunday celebration at 0730. They started doing sound check and other preparation as early as 0600.

Discipleship is more than a program. It is a lifestyle of maturity.

Bring them closer and teaching the disciples are not that difficult. The difficult part is releasing them to do what God wants them to do, not what we want them to do.

Discipleship is about life sharing. We cannot disciple people if we are are a self-centred person. We have to be in the interdependent phase. Disciple a successor.

Who do we look for? Look for someone who is teachable. Here are 5 criteria:

  1. Hungry – wants to be taught.
  2. A learning attitude. Young and old is not about age, but the ability to learn. We are always young even though we are old in age if we still learn. Pastor Daniel is noted taking notes. He probably preached this many times but he always wants to learn. To Pastor Jeffrey, Pastor Daniel is a very young pastor. When Pastor Jeffrey sees anyone crossing their arms, he thinks they should get up the stage to look at themselves.
  3. Committed. We need to be a person who are great in commitment but low in maintenance. It is a headache  for a leader who has a follower who is low in commitment and great in maintenance.
  4. Responsive.
  5. Humble.

We can always start with one person. Start sharing the secret things of God that we know. Spend time with him / her until they bear fruit.

Pastor Jeffrey is often asked about the secret of discipleship, the key to success. If he gives his key to his house, others cannot open their own house. Pastor Jeffrey has traveled to many places and he has never seen a big key. The key is always small. Sometimes we are busy looking for the big thing. When someone give us a simple thing as the key, we think it is too simple, too small. We want the deep stuff. The big key. Many times, we need to start with one thing / one person. That person may end up the one who rocks the world for Jesus. We may be surprised if we give our lives and invest time with the person.

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