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#LEAD2014 Here and Now – Leading with a Limp (becoming with a Wounded Healer)

Craig Greenfield

Craig Greenfield


In the last 90s, Craig was in a booming dotcom company, making a lot of money. God called him to minister to the slums in the inner city.

In 2000, Craig and his wife were called to move to a slum. On the same year, CBS started the Survivor series. People are moved from their comfort zone and see if they can cut it in a tough situation.

Behind every great man is a women rolling her eyes. If you want to know humility, get married.

The creator of the universe came and walked among us. He particularly look for the prostitutes, down and out, the poor, etc. He didn’t tell them to straighten up and get religious.

Mt 23:11-12

One of the most humbling experiences for Craig is for someone who came from an affluent background to move to the slums. It was a wooden house with tin rooftop. There were large rats. He laced industrial strength mouse poison but it could not kill them. He was afraid of the rats.

We need to move out from our comfort zone Jesus did not come to earth as we might have wanted to come to earth. He didn’t come to earth as a president, CEO or even a rich man. He came as a harmless baby, without even a place for his birth. It was not a mistake. Jesus was born as a vulnerable child to identify with vulnerable children.

1 Cor 1:26-29

It is Jesus’ plan to save the world. It’s the very opposite plan the world would come up with. He chose the foolish to shame the wise, the weak to shame the strong. This is counter-cultural. When Jesus came and was born to be a homeless baby, he later became a refugee in Egypt. Jesus identifies with children who fled violent regimes. Jesus said anyone whoever welcomes a children welcomes him. And whoever welcomes him welcome the one who sent him  That’s how closely he identifies to children.

He also said he has no place to lay his head. He thus identifies with the homeless.

Mk 9:37

Parents will lay down their lives for their children.

Craig has one son and one daughter. One day, the daughter broke her leg on the trampoline. Craig’s love for his son did not diminish during the weeks where the daughter is recovering. But during the time, Craig felt his daughter need more love and hugs. God loves the down and outs.

(Note to self: love regardless. No conditions applied. No strings attached.)

Craig was in Vancouver inner city. Whenever people shouted “kids on the block”, everyone stopped what they were doing, including taking drugs, fighting, etc. They showed concern for the vulnerable children.

The Alongsiders walk along the vulnerable brother and sister. The youth are in the front end of changing and transforming the world. They come alongside a younger child and disciple them.

A dollar bill crumpled, spat on, trampled on the ground is still a one dollar bill. It still has value.AA child was dropped off in an orphanage.

The parent thought at least he’d get food and place to stay but he’d be losing the thing he needs most – the care of his parents.

This is the upside-down kingdom of Jesus.

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