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Intimacy with God #dumcMY #sermon

Sidney Mohede

Pastor Sidney Mohede, JPCC


Pastor Sidney appreciated the message and the work of Craig Greenfield. As the ambassador of World Vision Indonesia, he encouraged everyone to do something and support the work with the people who has no voice.

Pastor Sidney feels really at home in DUMC.

Pastor Peter Tanchi shared that there is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God.

Pastor Sidney said in worship we cannot draw strength of we don’t know God in a personal and intimate way.

When God create everything, he was preparing them for his last creation, i.e. man so we can have a relationship with the Father God. God doesn’t just want us to know about him but he desires an intimate relationship.

The text is Psalm 63. Pastor Sidney Mohede wrote a song called As Long as I Live.

As a worshiper, we cannot worship

from afar. One word for worship denotes kiss. We cannot kiss someone from afar. We can blow a kiss but an actual kiss is up close and personal. And we cannot kiss a stranger. We kiss someone we know, someone very dear and close to us.

A worshiper cannot do what he does if he doesn’t have the intimacy with God. Be close with God is not just a calling for the worship leaders but for everyone of his believers.

We can can praise people from afar but when it comes to God, it’s up close and personal. Worship is two-way just like kissing. If we kiss the wall, it doesn’t kiss us back. We often experience healing during worship, that’s God kissing us back.

4 things Pastor Sidney learned about intimacy with God.

Intimacy is Private

If we are going to be intimate with our spouse, we will not do it in public. In a celebration / service, it is not the place to be intimate with God.

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. Jn 17:3

To have eternal life, we need to know God. There is this closeness, not just hearing news. During celebration, we share the news about God, what God is doing. A man cannot have a relationship with his wife based on what he heard about others. One cannot be in love with someone based on the good things others say about that someone.

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. Jn 10:14-15

Intimacy is not built by listening to songs.

 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Mt 6:6

Prayer is a two-way communication with God. We are to meet our Father in secret.

Intimacy Takes Time

Many young people today are too fast and too furious. And when they do things too hastily, they crash.

Pastor Sidney just celebrated the 10th anniversary with his wife. He has known her for 14 years and he still still learning new things about her.

Pastor Sidney knew God at the age of 17 and he has been walking with Christ for 24 years.

Everything what Paul wants is to know Christ and the power of his resurrection. Everything else is trash to him.

David said his heart yearns for God.

Do we have the desire to build this intimacy? We will never achieve intimacy with God if we do not invest the time and energy to know him, if we don’t give our best time and if we don’t out in the best effort.

Intimacy requires Communication

In a marriage, we sometimes experience the silent treatment. Marriages die when one partner stops talking. In any relationship, there must be a two-way communication. Many come to worship just to perform in what Pastor Sidney called the spiritual karaoke. As a worshipper, nothing frustrates Pastor Sidney more that’s just signing the lyrics. There is no communication. He like s a church that worship God with passion, that just want to chase after God. God is looking to us and desiring us to be close to him.

God wants to speak to us more than we want to listen. He is a God of love, and love longs to communicate. That’s the nature of love. Love is not for self. Love always want to connect.

So, let’s come to God in prayer. But don’t just come to God with our list and tell him what we want in our lives. We need to stop and ask him what is it he wants from us. During worship, don’t just sing, ask him what he wants from us right now and right here.

Intimacy requires Trust

Relationships are built on trust. The greater the trust the closer the relationship. The foundation of a mature trust is not “you will never hurt me. “It is “I trust myself with whatever you do.” The depth of our relationship is limited by the extent of our transparency with him.

When Daniel’s friends were about to be thrown in the furnace, they were not afraid. They didn’t just think God would protect them. They believed God would save them but even if he didn’t, they were still going to worship God.

Abraham was awake of n by God one night. He was told to take his one and only son to the mountain offer him up as a burnt sacrifice. A mature trust would do what Abraham did. Early in the morning, Abraham gathered what was needed and took Isaac. He didn’t question the instruction. To him, if God can give him Isaac and take him away, God can give him another.

One scene in the Bible inspired Pastor Sidney to write many songs, that’s the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus prayed to the Father but he prayed that not his will but the Father’s will be done.

In 1995, Passtor Sidney, 22, was living in Los Angeles. He heard God’s voice told him to go to Indonesia, a place where he had many bad experiences. That’s one place he didn’t want go. God wanted to take him out of his comfort zone. He flew back to Indonesia with USD2000. He thought he was going to live for a year and go back. He didn’t know where to stay, what to eat, etc. He just trusted God. He knew no matter what happened, God would not leave him.

Many who have believed in Jesus still think they cannot get close to God because they have a dirty lives. We think we are not worthy to be in the presence of God. The foundation of this insecurity is fear.

Rom 3 The righteousness of God is given through Christ to all who believe.

2 Cor 5:17 We are new!

Don’t ever let the devil’s lies tell us we are not worthy. We are not worthy because of what we do or who we are. God has done the work on the cross more than 2000 years ago.

Pro 3;32

We are righteous not because we never sin. We are made righteous because of what Jesus did.

Are we spending time privately to get to know Jesus? To worship him? To pray and to have two-way communication? Are we communicating with him?

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