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#LEAD2014 The Creative Spirit

Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat


In the Bible, God revealed himself in many names, especially in the Old Testament.

Before man fell into sin, may never knew lack, sickness, fear or anxiety Because man fell, man began to experience all that.

Because God love man, he revealed himself. When man is sick, God revealed himself as the healer. God also gave peace in response to our worry. God provides when we are in lack.

Before man fell, in Genesis 1:1, God revealed himself as Elohim, the great creator. Before man sinned, man only knew God as the creator God.

After God created Adam, he created the Garden of Eden. We cannot imaging how beautiful it is. God created it. We read that there are many kinds of trees in it including the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.

Water flew into the garden and parted to become 4 riverheads. (Gen 2:10)

  1. Pison – Increase
  2. Gihon – bursting forth.
  3. Tigris – rapid.
  4. Euphrates – fruitfulness

God placed Adam in the garden and instructed him to to cultivate it and keep it (Gen 2:15 NASB)

To keep is to maintain and to preserve it as it is. To cultivate something, on the other hand means to make it better. The garden was made by God. Isn’t it too much to ask Adam to make it better? Adam has never seen a garden before and he has never worked a day in his life. We also know God will not ask of Adam something he could do. The fact that he asked Adam to do it he knew Adam could do it, i.e. to make the garden better. When God ask someone to do something, it directly reveals the potential of that person.

He breathed life into Adam. He knows what Adam could do even before Adam knew it.

Pastor Jeffrey wrote a book in 2001. He showed it to his mom. She was surprised he could write a book. Pastor Jeffrey was equally surprised. We often have this idea that whatever comes from God is so perfect that we can no longer do anything with it.

Some of us are awaiting the perfect man / woman to marry. Whatever God puts in our hand, we can always make it better when we work on it, when we invest into it. Whatever it is, marriage, job, study, as long as we allow the Holy Spirit to work on it.

If we are given time to do something, we can make it better. The best way to keep something is to work it. To keep our marriage, we need to work on it. To be healthy, we need to work out. If we want our ministry to be better, we need to cultivate it. We always move from one glory to one glory and one faith to another level of faith.

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate[a] the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.1 Cor 3:18

Having multiple celebration is to have an chance to preach better. After one celebration, given time to rest, Pastor Jeffrey can think of something better and deliver better. Imagine if we have 5 celebrations! (I can relate to this, when I used to preach in another life.)

Can we imaging how creative Adam was, naming all the animals. There were so many of them. This is something the leaders of the church have to understand. We focus on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the tongues and the many spiritual gifts. Sometimes we forgot that when we have the spirit of God in us, we also have the creative spirit of God in us. We are created in his created nature. Pastor Jeffrey believes than when a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, not only he is able to speak in tongues but he also have the creative spirit of God.  Dunamis, where we got the word dynamic indicates that it is not static.

Not being a artist doesn’t mean we are not creative. Being creative is being reflective of the creative nature of God, able to bring new way and new ideas.  For example, presenting hymn in an exciting new way. If we can be creative, the church will not be a boring place.

Boredom is a sign of a lack of creativity. After all, God asked us to sing a new song. He is not surprised when we do it. If Pastor Sidney and his team keep singing the same songs again and again, Pastor Jeffrey will go tell them to sing new songs. Same goes for the pastors who preach the same thing again and again. The congregation will not be interested.

We can be creative in our marriage, work, church. The youth is leaving the church because it’s so predictable, it is the same old same old. They leave not because the church is lack of money or lack of miracles. Don’t just copy. Take ideas and add something to it. When we are busy copying we are not busy creating. When we are copying we are being lazy. Remember that Elohim is God the Creator, not God the duplicator. He is God the Initiator, not god the imitator.

After the fall, we don’t lose the creative ability, just not up to the standard before.

 For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Rom 3:23 (NLT)

We see people who are in darkness can be creative, not much more for us Christian who is connected to the source of the Creator God. Can we imagine the possibilities?

Because God is creator -creative by nature, then spirit-filled people are creative.

In marriage, if our moves are predictable with the wife, we are in trouble.

In business, if we are busy complaining, we cannot be creative.

We need to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with the creative spirit, so we can bring glory to the Father.

Let’s make the church an exciting place. One day, the people outside will want to come to us and see what’s happening.

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