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#LEAD2015DUMC Plenary Session 6

Spiritual Leadership
Pastor Peter Tan-Chi
LEAD2015 Plenary Session 6, 06/06/2015


Leadership is helping others to move from point A to point B. Spiritual leadership is influencing people to move toward God’s agenda for their lives and for the organization.

In church history, we see two extremes – too much emphasis on the spiritual gifts or rejecting the spiritual gifts. The enemy wants us to focus on the minor things.

When we realize everything belongs to God, it’s a miracle, and things will change.

Spiritual Leadership Secular Leadership
God’s agenda Personal agenda
God’s glory(God does not share his glory) Personal glory
Loyalty to God Loyalty to the organization / men
Model Command
Servant leadership Positional leadership

The most effective leaders are leaders who model. Husbands are leaders and lovers. We are to follow the example of Jesus and practice servant leadership.

Great leaders provide good models for his disciples

  • Moses > Joshua
  • Elijah > Elisha
  • Paul > Timothy
  • Jesus > Disciples

Deut 3:23-28

Moses tried to liberate his people for 40 years but failed. He spent another 40 years in the wilderness. He then took his people and spent 40 years in the journey to the Promised Land which should take 1 month. His life ambition is to bring his people into the Promised Land. Just before entering, God told him he would not enter.

  • How you feel if you were Moses?
  • How do you deal with disappointment?
  • What will you do?

God told Moses that it was not for his glory nor his agenda. It is always God’s glory and God’s agenda.

Who is Your God?

And idol is something you look at and say, “If I don’t have this, there is no reason to go on.” An idol can be the ministry, a person, etc.

Sometimes the best way to tell an idol is not so much by looking at how good you feel when you get it but by how devastated you are when you don’t have it or when you lost it. ~Tim Keller

The Test of Emotions

  • What I is that if you lose or don’t have, your life becomes meaningless? You become depressed?
  • What makes you very angry?
  • What makes you anxious?
  • What makes you really happy?

The Christian life is a process of God breaking our idols one by one. ~Elisabeth Elliot

To be effective in serving God, we must make sure our number one priority is Jesus.

Some people lose heart to serve when they are disappointed with God. Not Moses. (Deuteronomy 31:3, 7, 8; 33 and 34) Moses encouraged Joshua in a way that he felt he could make it.

For maximum effectivity, identify the idols in our lives and make Jesus the number one priority.

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