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My eyes are wet …

That is a Facebook memory I had, from 4 years ago.

Murphy’s Law strike today as it has whenever it is the most inconvenient and undesirable for it to strike. Without going into details, let me just say something broke down and there is no immediate remedy. Part of  my job is to make sure this does not happen.

If only I paid a little more attention. If only I followed up on the instructions I have given. If only I am more meticulous. If only I am more careful. If only.

I did not. I wasn’t. Thinking of the devastating impact this have on my colleagues and the operations, I temporarily lost my smile. I did remind myself, I would take it in stride. My family encouraged me the same – take it calmly.

Still, I did not like it. I do not practice what I preach. It’s a slip-up. But I am not one that allows slip-ups. I always tell others to make contingency plans and I did not do it, in this one instance.

Yes, so I lost my smile temporarily. Then, one dear colleague bumped into me while I was making the first cup of fattening beverage of the day (possibly the only one for today. Normally, I have up to three cups, using the DUMC mug.) She told me a few colleagues asked her why I did not smile today. Just one simple question out concern, my heart melted. My eyes went wet. Those damned sands. My smile immediately returned, as if to tell her I was ok. Yes, I am ok.

Come what may, I will take the responsibility. There will be no second time. I will keep on doing my best, with a smile and with some moist around my eyes.

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