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LEAD2016 – Day 3 Session 2 – the Leader that Follows

Pastor Joseph Bonifacio

This is like an oxymoron. Why should the leader follow? The culture tells us the leader leads. To follow is weak. Do we have strong leadership that splits and that grows the church but at the same time is diminishing the church? Or do we have a weak leadership that stays together?

Jesus is the perfect example of the Leader that Follows. He follows the will of the Father. How do we do that? How do we learn from our Lord?

Multi-generational ministry works. If we can take what God is doing well in one generation and pass it on to the next, that is when multi-generational ministry work. It is meshing the passion and energy of the youth with the wisdom and experience with the adults.

Why does it work? It is something close to the heart of God. In the Bible, we read over and over again, God looks at generations. God’s promises are multi-generational. His commands are multi-generational. (Read the Shema.) So are his plans. (Mal 4) Blessings come when we strike a balance between the generations – the young honour the elder, the elder empower the young.

We serve a multi-generational God. God has always been in a loving God. If we see leadership from God’s perspective, we have no problem following. We need a multi-generational church.

What is it like? Instead looking at human structure, we look at God. (Matthew 17:5) Right after Jesus was baptised, God the Father told Him He was proud of Him. Do we say the same thing to the young people? Do we set them up for success or failure?

Jn 3:35. The Father delegates to Jesus.

Jn 5:19 Jesus said without the Father he could not do anything.

God doesn’t call us stupid because we make mistakes but only when we refused to be corrected. Young leaders who wants to be empowered must be willing to accept when their mistakes are pointed out. In Hebrews, we see discipline as a form of love, a form of correction.

Jn 14:8-10 Jesus said anyone who has seen Him has seen the Father. Jesus has no identity apart from His Father. For young people, the identity is found in community, not by breaking apart from the relationship that has brought them where they are. When we are secured in our relationship, God will pour out His blessings.

1 Cor 4:15 Sometimes we are contented to be raised by guardians / nannies. Our Father knows us the best. It’s easy to find guardians / nannies / podcasts / blogs. They could be right but they do not know us. When the older generation corrects us, they love us. Do not exchange fatherly and motherly relationship with proxies. They get really personal. And if our relationship is not strong, it will break.

When we are angry with someone, and sometimes that is the person who is going to be ministering to us, do we want to miss out what God is going to do to us? Is it worth keep feeling offended? Is it worth carrying the burden?

Some things take more than one lifetime to complete. We need to empower the next generation. The next generation must honour the older generation.


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