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I got a court subpoena

or so I was told.

I got a call yesterday. There was no caller ID. A recorded message in Malay told me I had a subpoena from the Jitra Majistrate Court taking effect “today” (i.e. yesterday.) After that, a man continue the call and asked me how he could help.

I told him the message I heard. He asked for my IC number. Still calm, I asked for a number to call back. I got the number. I Googled the court, I found the phone number to be the same as the one I was given.

I called. A lady took the call. I told her I received a call about a subpoena. She told me I could ignore it. They have been receiving inquiries for the past 5 weeks.

So, it was not a legitimate message after all. I do not have to drive 4 hours and 38 minutes to make a trip to Jitra, Kedah.

If you do get such a call, please remain calm. Your social media activities may not have caught up with you just yet. Ask for a number to call back. Call and find out. There are some fraudsters who actually give you a number that connects to them. Just check with the source (i.e. whoever they claim they are calling from, whether it is a court, a police station, a bank, etc.)

Do not give up any personal information. Do not transfer any money. Do not be afraid.

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