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One month, gone

In the proverbial blink of an eye, we are at the last day of the first month in 2018. How was your first month of 2018? Has it been fun? Has it been fulfilling? Has it been meaningful?

January 2018 whirled past me so fast I don’t quite remember what happened. Still, I can count my blessings.

I have a new arrangement with my finances. At the very least, something is being done instead of easy come and easy go. It’s always good to have a plan. A measure of management and control will go a long way.

I have started on the ketogenic diet since December 2017. I have never felt better. I felt lighter. I am lighter. My waist is smaller. One day, very soon, I will be able to put on the pants my sister bought for me end of 2016 (I purposely requested 2 size smaller to encourage myself to cut down my weight.) I may finally get to wear them soon. I really thank God that since I started this diet, I do not seem to have irritable bowel syndrome anymore. IBS has plagued for a very long time.

I am reading. I set a plan for 12 books in 2017. Dived in full of inspiration in January. I ended up finishing only 4. I once again set 12 as a target this year. I also started full of passion. I have yet to finish even one today. However, I have good feeling I can do 12 this year. I have some books lined up.

Everyone in the family is healthy. I am happy. I will spend more time with them.

I got a monitor that can rotate 90 degree into portrait mode. I can see more. Productivity should increase.

A small voice keeps telling me to get a new phone. I discussed this with Jesse (my son.) He suggested I sell my mi A1 (the second one, after the first one died in the washer) for a low price and get a new one. I told him it’s not nice to sell it since it restarts automatically every now and then (he suspected it’s caused by some apps.) I also think it is still working fine for me – restarting takes a mere few seconds. It doesn’t bother me that much – except when it caused me to lose some games. He said one night when I sleep, he’d put the phone in the washer so I will give up on the phone and get a new one.

I may get one this year. I am on the look out for new flagship phones in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S9? Mi MIX2S? OnePlus 6? Huawei P20? It looks like a Samsung phone or a Chinese phone.

The days are evil, seize the day! Make good use of every opportunity.

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